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Tom Ashbrook
Klass (MISSUXO Film Edit)

“In a digital age where we’ve become almost dependent on consuming meaningless bite sized videos, in search of an instant dopamine hit, it is ever more gratifying when a raw, honest and beautifully crafted film makes an appearance and is shared to the world.”

— 1883 magazine

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Following The Sun

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130 Million Streams.           /          160K Radio Airplay            /         1.4 Million Shazams



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“A crisp hip-hop beat provides the backbone here while a subtle bassline and some twinkling keys shimmer around the mix behind Navy's rich, smoky vocals”
- Complex UK

“Drenched in elements of reggae, soul and contemporary hip hop, the Dominican singer-songwriter uses her Caribbean influences to create a shimmering single that represents her vision and lifestyle.”
- Wonderland

“As one of the most soothing and eloquent Island Pop artists to debut last year”
- Notion

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